To be human means that you will go through change, encounter loss and have disappointments in your life. Even though these are considered to be a normal part of your life they can still cause stress, anxiety and sadness. People who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the ability to bounce back from stress, trauma and adversity. This type of ability is known as resilience. Merriam-Webster define resilient as tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Individuals who are mentally and emotionally healthy have the helpful tools that allow them to cope with difficult scenarios in life and at the same time maintain and build a positive outlook on life. These people remain creative, flexible and focused during what is considered to be the “bad times” of their lives. They do not let their problems get the better of them, they face them head on and see what they can learn from it. One of the best key factors of resilience is your ability to completely balance your emotions and stress. This can be very difficult, but if you have the ability to recognize your feelings and emotions you can make corrections when you may be starting to veer off course. This will make hard times and difficulties much easier for you to cope and deal with effectively and appropriately. By doing this, you can avoid getting stuck in a negative mood or suffering from anxiety and depression.

Another important key factor of resiliency is having an excellent support network. If you have trusted people that you can turn to during bad times and hardships in life, you can easily find support and encouragement that will boost your resilience during tough times. Many times hearing another person’s perspective allows you to see the situation in a whole different light, making it seem not as bad as it first did. Or, it can lead you to a solution that you did not see at first.