Taking Time to Play Every Day is Good for the Soul 

Playing is a fun way to release stress from your body. Whether online, in the yard, or with friends, it is a de-stressor. You have sat for hours on end and watched cat videos on Youtube? The feel good hormones released from playing are hard to deny. So many people simply don’t do it enough. To achieve optimal healthy, playing is suggested as a prescription for avoiding the symptoms of being stressed.

When you are stressed, life seams to be hard and heavy. Feeling the pains of worry and anxiety, often clog up the movement from within. As you know, your energy field is a critical part of healing. When this field is stuck, something has to happen to make it move. Playing is the best way to make energy move in your body.

Here are 5 ways you can play each day. 

  1. Skip to work or skip to the elevator. Allow your body to release anything that feels tens.
  2. Watch a funny movie and laugh hard. Let the laugh come from your belly. Even if it makes you cry.
  3. Flirt with your spouse in and out of bed. This will reduce stress and strengthen your relationship.
  4. Play with your grandbabies. Take them to the park and slide down the slide.
  5. Create funny memes and post them on social media. We all love a good social laugh.

Reasons to Release Stress

Stress is showing up more and more, in younger people. The quickness of information keeps people in a state of fear. Playing can release the physical symptoms of intense stress. Reiki helps you to move stress energy out of your body. When your  body is stressed and energy doesn’t move, the organs suffer. Our energy meridians dictate the flow of blood into our lungs and heart. During a tim of high stress, many unhealthy chemicals are released into the blood. These chemicals can lead to heart-attack, stroke and death.

We all want to live a more full life, and we want to live a long life. Knowing the damagiing impact that sress has on your life, is a good reason to try any modality that will help you feel better. When you feel better, you thrive.

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