Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. Much more than just sitting with your hands crossed, meditation is healing for your spirit. There is so much noise in the world that finding time to meditate is often difficult for most people, especially when they first start. This article will help you find little chunks of time, to meditate daily and will also give you the benefits of meditating which go beyond what most gurus teach.

The nervous system is impacted by stimulation from many areas. People are stressed out more now than ever before. To get a vision of why, think about the sheer amount of data that zings through the airwaves at any moment. Electromagnetic frequencies bounce in and out of our brain. We have so many alerts that every 2 minutes, we are being alerted to something.

In being alerted to something, our adrenaline glands are activated. Too much of this causes more stress, and the cycle continues. Meditation takes you out of the noise, and the closer to the ground you can get during meditation, the more impactful it will be.

Three Reasons to Meditate

  1. It lowers your blood pressure and tells your nervous system to relax that all is well.
  2. Breathing during meditation replenishing life-sustaining oxygen to your cells.
  3. Fear and anxiety, worry over money, concern for your kids, all take a rest for a few minutes as you simply breathe.

As you are doing your meditations, you may feel your busy mind try to take over. This is perfectly okay because your busy mind is accustomed to working overtime. Simple and short meditations will help you start the process of relaxing your over-stressed nervous system. It’s the magic of your breathing that makes this process so rewarding for your body, mind and soul.

Three ways to get your meditation in every day.

  1. Know the sounds that help connect you with the natural energy around you. “Om” “Om” “Om” Every time you go to the bathroom, do this exercise. There is no excuse not to. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Say this phrase and allow the hum vibration to go down your spinal column.
  2. Meditate awake while you are driving. Without closing your eyes, try to focus on breathing and saying, “I am” “I am” “I am”. This is a great way to clear the chatter in your mind while you are driving.
  3. Try to get into a hot and relaxing bath at least once a week, and load up some meditation on your phone. After all, it is with you all of the time anyway.

We have to reduce stress in our daily lives to sustain our wholeness.