Ready to start your online virtual business or traditional business locally?

Having a business model that flows with your needs is the only way to truly enjoy your business and build it successfully. A professional business model must be all about your success and include the elements that make our approach more powerful as a business owner.

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, then you are sharing a common thread with 1000’s of entrepreneurs who utilize metaphysical assets in their strategy. This means that you want all of your elements to contain a spiritual flavor, but not be spiritually drive, per say. You know that your energy is the main source of fuel that attracts the right prospects to you, therefore the business plan you develop, must be fluid and flowing to match your need for spiritual expression.

Creating a professional business plan requires you to do some research before you jump right in, test your theories and ideas and get it in writing. Often business owners download a template, create short vision and mission statements, throw together a marketing strategy based on old models and wonder why they crash and burn. Their vision is narrow, their mission is weak and billboard marketing and business cards are old-school.

Let’s talk about some innovative ways of creating and crafting a business model that works for you starting with the vision statement. Vision is a word that you will read about many times in our featured articles, and is, probably, the most important skill you can learn to cultivate. Your vision is the passion inside of you seeking to express itself; it is an idea living inside of you waiting to be born.

The future is virtual, there is no way around it. Even businesses that have been around for years, are now required to have at least an idea of how they will navigate virtual reality. Take some time to include your vision of how your business will perform on social media and make this a priority. Social media is the collection of networks that allow you to communicate, via graphics and written content, about yourself and your business. Be sure to blend your talents and skills when working on your social media strategy as part of your virtually expressive business model.

Bringing your heart and soul into the business model you create, will help attract to you the clients that pay well, work well with you and pay you again in repeat business. This cannot be achieved with the traditional way of creating a business plan, so try to incorporate your well being time into every page.
Since the future is virtual, and your business will be asked to blend into the digital growth phase of our evolution, another great step is to incorporate easy software into your business planning. Some ideas include using email lists to build your business prospect list, utilizing text message campaigns to tap into the mobile crowd and online bookkeeping software to keep accurate information about your business that can be stored in the safety of “The Cloud”. These are all topics that many traditional business owners reject, but they are important anyway.

Finally, your business model must include time management and in time management, time for your life must be written in. Let’s say that you are a mother who home-schools your children, and you have a BIG idea and a BIGGER dream. You do not want to write into your professional business plan, 10 hour days that require you to leave your passion of motherhood. The “New Day” business philosophy is that your business plan should have switch modes so you can add, change or remove any part of it as often as you need to without the guilt of jumping ship in your model.

A professional business plan that works with and for you, has written into it, game plan changes, and absolutely OK ways to simply wow your own mind as you are creating a fluid solution for business.