Recently we have seen several articles about body shame and how it’s becoming a source of bullying and cyberbullying.

Body shame is deeper than simply not liking your body. It’s about feeling the level of shame that people feel just before dying. Shame is a word we must talk about and we must talk about it often in order to have a good understanding of how to cure it.

The feeling of needing to be perfect, causes an emotional thought of not being good enough. People feel too fat, to skinny, too short and too tall, although there is truly no perfect way of being in a human body. Society has driven people to believe there is a mold for all. While, we know there are certain parameters that help people keep optimal health, we also know that to think that a majority of people can do this – is simple nonsense.

Shame is one of the lowest emotions humans can feel just before death. In the body, shame vibrates like jelly. It causes every system, organ and cell to move slower, thus stealing life. Body shaming is one form of shame that causes someone to feel very bad.

You can cure body shame through systematic self-care and showing love to yourself. Shame sneaks up on people before they know it. Learning to love yourself is not easy, however, if you choose to live a full and close to complete life, you must try.

Healing your body from the inside out starts with the desire to do so. Your children deserve a parent who is confident and secure. They deserve a parent who can teach them how to be secure in their own skin. Here are a few pointers to help you release shame as it relates to your body.

  1. Know that there is nothing perfect about any human being. See your beauty as different and special.
  2. Celebrate your body for helping you get through life. Your legs for carrying you. Your eyes for seeing beauty. Your ears for hearing music and laughter.
  3. Work on improving any area of your body that needs support. Rather than shaming yourself, what if you make a choice to improve the parts of your body that make you feel shameful?