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Diabetes and Reducing Sugar to Reduce Inflammation

Our focus is on delivering valuable content to our readers that helps them to understand how their body reacts to different conditions such as diabetes. How stress and diabetes relate to one another is in the word inflammation. Inflammation in the body and all of the body systems, is the #1 reason for nearly all disease, and stress, as a mental component, may be increased because of the process of insulin resistence.

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Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

One of the primary reasons for the development of Type II Diabetes is that insulin, over time, quits doing its primary job. Diabetes is a condition that forms over time, and not on its own. Remember the last article focused on a warped food pyramid, heavy on sugar? Too much sugar wears down the pancreas, responsible for creating insulin. In conjunction with insulin just getting tired, sometimes it just quits doing the job of opening the cellular wall and glucose cannot enter. When this happens, sugar, or glucose, remains in the blood.

Eating Sugar Causes Diabetes

When too much dietary sugar is consumed, with bread, rice and white food, and the body doesn’t burn it, the body turns it to body fat. Stored away in the cells, fat stays there and stretches the cells. The more fat that is stored, the harder it is to burn fuel of any variety. Fat on the body is necessary to support the body during a famine, but too much of it and your body starts to wear out. Too much sugar is what causes diabetes, and reducing sugar drastically can help ease the symptoms of diabetes.

Learning to Reduce Sugar

You have decided to start a ketogenic eating program and you are ready to get started. The first thing you do is head to the grocery store. When you first begin it is so important to know how to correctly begin strong.

  1. At the store, focus on buying meat. The fattier the meat, the better for your eating program. During your first month you will be reducing your carb intake to nearly zero and you want your body to immediately turn to fat burning, rather than to trigger cravings. Rather than gradually reducing sugar, you are going to quit sugar and quickly. Buy bacon and eggs, real butter and real cream. Pork rinds are good for snack attacks
  2. Understand the detoxification phase. When sugar starts to come out of your blood and the supply diminishes, you will be clearing away body fat. When the first bite of fat is taken, your body looks for prepared fuel such as “stored sugar” to convert to glucose. In the absence of sugar in your food, it turns to the stores of sugar that are found in your blood stream and in your liver. It takes about a week to deplete the stores of sugar. During this phase you will feel like you have the flu. To combat the withdrawals, do meditation, study the concepts, participate in groups and keep counting the days.
  3. Finally, think about your body releasing the fat. Once the sugar is depleted from your blood stream and organs, your body turns to the next readily available source: Your Own Body Fat! Fat is stored for this very reason, so using fat is natural to your body. Because digested fat takes longer to fully process, and it takes a very long time to turn into a single molecule of glucose, you will burn body fat. In the burning of body fat, you start to melt fat from your body. The keto craze is considered one of the most drastic fat reducing programs out there.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and will print it for future reference. A ketogenic eating program works well for those with a lot of fat to lose. It also works well for body builders who supplement with protein for hard workouts. Subscribe to our blog to keep up with all of the news and information we have for you.