Many mental imbalances, such as stress, anxiety and intense sadness, surface during winter months. There us often a connection between the physical and mental stress related symptoms so we will talk about vitamins and nutrients for optimal health.

Nutrients are the building blocks to cellular wellness, yet so many people still are unaware of what the nutrients are and the role that is played within the cells. When a nutrient is not present, such as vitamin C and especially Vitamin D, the body starts to respond is all sorts of negative ways. We are already in a tremendous epidemic in the US because the foods we consume daily are filled with fake ingredients.

Vitamin D

The loss of light in the winter, causes a shortage of Vitamin D in the body. Sunlight and supplementation are the only two ways the body can consume Vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced as a response to the sun hitting the skin. As you may know, people who have a fear of contracting skin cancer, those with lupus, and the disabled, may not get enough sunlight every day. This nutrient is essential for bone integrity as it supports the absorption of calcium, which supports strong and healthy bones.

Vitamin C

Another nutrient that has been known to cure colds and assist in circulation is Vitamin C. This article, hopefully, will re-educate you on the vital nutrients you need to be consuming, in a way you can understand easily. Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that we only scratch the surface of, in our daily eating. The power of this nutrient has been known to prevent cancer by attacking free radicals, lower the “bad cholesterol” thus protecting our heart.

Vitamin C is found in fruits, but often people do not eat enough fruits to consume enough Vitamin C for therapeutic results. Supplementing with chewable forms or with capsules is a great choice. The side-effects of too much of this nutrient are upset stomach and many trips to the bathroom. Deeper medical tests have shown Vitamin C to completely kill a cancer cell. Under the microscope, there is great hope with this nutrient.

Calcium and Magnesium are two nutrients called “minerals” that support the flow of water through your cells. We are all dehydrated to some degree, so our bodies are naturally lacking the minerals they need.


Calcium, has long been associated with milk. Many people have consumed gallons of milk in an attempt to get enough of this mineral, while noticing their bones decaying still. Paying attention to intentionally consuming foods high in calcium, is the best step toward having enough.


Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral, and the second most prevalent electrolyte in the human body. Magnesium deficiencies are common in developed countries. A deficiency increases blood pressure, reduces glucose tolerance and causes neural excitation. This nutrient is also used to regulate bowels and the dumping process.

We have given you just a little insight and education on the nutrients you need to live a vital life, but it’s up to you to take the action. Remember that every substance you swallow has an impact on total body regulation. Be vigilant about learning your body’s signals. These signs may lead you to the need for testing.