Get Free from Unhealthy Relationships to Decrease Your Stress and Possibly Save Your Life

The #MeToo movement is not slowing down, and it’s important that we use this space to talk about Domestic Violence. Humanity is in need of re-calibration in the area of healthy relationships and what can be done to improve this area of life. Relationships are everything to us as humans, but so many are tainted and painful. Many unhealthy relationships simply are due to a lack of connecting chemistry, but others are dangerous.

Unhealthy Relationships Harm Everyone

If you are in a relationship that shows signs of danger, you are taking a huge chance on your life. Mental illness is rampant in the world today because of long-term, un diagnosed imbalances that don’t show their face until it is nearly too late. When someone (male or female) is in a relationship where they are being strong-armed, or put down, it will result in health issues.

Emotional health and physical health go hand in hand. Many women who are victims of domestic violence will have trouble breathing, and some may develop high blood pressure. It makes sense that getting out of unhealthy and dangerous relationships, can help heal your body. Every time fear to the degree of violence, is ran through the body, stress hormones attack.

When these stress indicators are high, the body starts to fall apart and the immune system breaks down. Please get out of relationships that feel bad. Most people who have a tendency toward violent behavior will show it in many forms. They will tease relentlessly, have dominant fits, slap, kick and punch. A narcissist, for example, will do these things then blame them on the other person.

Harmful and toxic relationships harm everyone. You can’t heal or fix everyone, just yourself. In recognition of #MeToo, please take a moment to assess the relationships in your life and choose to let those go that are dragging you down.