TestimonialTwo thumbs up!

I have attended 2 events hosted by My Empowerment Place. The knowledge I received at both events has led me to a more positive outlook and the tools needed for a healthier lifestyle. Barbra and Diane also had experts in nutrition and exercise that were informative and demonstrated better choices to the ultimate goal of a happier more productive quality of life. I was thrilled that when the presentations/demonstrations were completed all the speakers were available for me to ask questions of. Two Thumbs up to My Empowerment Place! I am looking forward to my next invite.

R.H., Brooklyn, NY

Never so relaxed

I was hospitalized with end stage cancer and was feeling completely overwhelmed with my situation. I received a Reiki session from Barbra, who helped me to experience a level of relaxation that I haven’t felt since I was diagnosed. After the session I was more peaceful and able to make clear decisions.

 J.G., New York City

Lasting relief from severe ankle pain

Due to excruciating ankle pain I was motivated to have a private session with two Reiki masters, Diane and Barbra.

I don’t remember many of the details of the actual Reiki session except that I felt like I was wrapped inside something very warm, safe and comforting.  It was my ankle that was physically hurting and I could feel heat from the hands of Diane when she was doing Reiki on that area. Then it felt as though the pain melted and was completely wiped away.  There were times when I felt as though I was floating. They are a very talented team.

K. L., Edgewater, Florida

Inspired to take better care of myself

Thank you for introducing me to Diane and Barbra from My Empowerment Place.  I attended one of their workshops titled, “What Every Woman Needs to Know About Their Health”. They were awesome. I was so impressed with the information they shared that I felt compelled to immediately make an appointment to see my primary care physician.

S.B., Brooklyn, NY

Finally, a good night’s sleep

I wanted to thank you both as well as let you know that, last night was the first time in many years that I was able to sleep for almost 5 hours instead of my normal 90 minutes. I fell asleep using what I learned in yesterday’s class. It was such a great feeling being able to fall asleep naturally, without the use any pharmaceuticals with what you taught me. Thank you seems like such a small gesture when you’ve given me so much.

E.G., Long Island, NY

Fun and learning

Your workshops are informative and fun, looking forward to more adventure and getting healthy with you both….!

R.O., Long Island, NY