General Workshops

Come DeStress With Us

Stress is a part of everyday life, whether it is traffic on your way to work, your boss moving the deadline for the most important project of the year or a train delay on your way home. If the children fighting or your mother-in- law is here for an extended visit your stress has reached peak levels.

Once we encounter it stress has a way of building up and unless managed properly it can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health.

Your attention span and temper may be short; you may over eat or drink a little too much to ease the pain. Stress can cause insomnia, muscle tension, upset stomach, chest pain, high blood pressure and a lowered immune system just to name a few.

There is no getting around it, stress is here to stay so isn’t it time you learn how to manage your stress so it does not cause the symptoms you are experiencing? You deserve it to learn the tools that can put an end to your stress related symptoms and get control of your life back.

We can help you design a Stress Management Toolbox that you can take with you wherever you go. After our class it will be full of tips and techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere to help you manage the stresses of your life.

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Healthy Habits Health You

In order to achieve or maintain optimal health you have to lay the foundation with adequate, high quality sleep, nutritious food and exercise.

To function at your peak performance you need 7-8 hours of sleep to restore and renew your body and mind. When you work in a sleep deprived state you are more apt to make errors or miss important details. If you chronically miss sleep your judgement could be impaired and you will act similar to as if you were drunk. We will teach you ways to relax and tricks to improve your sleeping environment so you have a great night’s sleep.

Three balanced meals a day including a bedtime snack is optimal, but if you don’t feel like you can do that, just eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. As long as you eat healthy foods that are low in fat, sugar, and salt such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables you will have the fuel needed to keep you well. We will review tips to help you make good food choices even when you have limited time.

Keep your body moving with a combination of weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises. If you don’t have time for a full work out at least get up and walk around your office or at home. You can also do stretching with bands. In this class we will give you a band and a full workout that can be performed to get all the major muscle groups.

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